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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Essential Guide to Blood Groups

Essential Guide to Blood Groups
Geoff Daniels
Imelda Bromilow

Product Description:
Essential Guide to Blood Groups is essential information on blood group systems. The main aim of the blood transfusion laboratory is to promote safe blood transfusion. The avoidance of errors, from sample receipt and laboratory testing through to the release of blood for transfusion, is of paramount importance. Knowledge of immunohaematology theory and its application to blood transfusion together with the principles of good laboratory practice are essential. Essential Guide to Blood Groups will be very valuable for medical laboratory scientists and for postgraduate scientists and medical practitioners training to specialise in transfusion and transplantation.
  1. An introduction to blood groups
  2. Techniques used in blood grouping
  3. The ABO blood groups
  4. The Rh blood group system
  5. Other blood groups
  6. Clinical significance of blood group antibodies
  7. Quality assurance in immunohaematology
  8. Trouble-shooting and problem-solving in the reference laboratory
  9. Frequently asked questions



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